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External Mentor Program

The ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program is an NSF ADVANCE-supported initiative for enhancing awareness of and creating opportunity for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The aim of the program is to foster career development of women faculty by supporting the development of mentoring relationships with off-campus science and engineering leaders, with special emphasis placed on mentorship that supports and/or communicates awareness of barriers that exist for women in STEM disciplines. These mentors will provide training and mentorship, facilitate collaborative research efforts, and, ideally but not required, provide examples of strong, senior women role models.

Full description of the program and guidelines (pdf)

Questions and Proposal Submission:

Nancy S. Magnuson, Ph.D.
ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program
Wegner Hall, Room 205
P.O. Box 646525
Pullman, WA 99164-6525

Sample Proposals:
Example 1 - Dr. Suzanne Appleyard

Example 2 - Dr. Laura Lavine

"This was the best program that I have participated in at WSU.  I have a hard time reaching out for help and encouragement and this pushed me in the right direction."  - Catherine Cooper

External Mentor Guidelines/RFP (pdf) 



Mentoring Goal: Faculty Success

Shuiui Chen with her mentor
Shihui Shen, right, assistant professor of civil and environ-mental engineering and director of the Washington Center for Asphalt Technology at WSU, credits her mentor, Dallas Little, Snead Chair professor and associate director of the Center for Aggregates Research at Texas A&M University, with providing valuable insights for research and teaching.
"Being a well-established researcher
in the field, he is giving me confidence to continue my research  focus and providing guidance to help me expand my future career," Dr. Shen says.

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