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Washington State Legislature Pre-Employment Inquiry Law, excerpt.

Whether applicant can meet specified work schedules or has activities, commitments or responsibilities that may prevent him or her from meeting work attendance requirements.
Specific inquiries concerning spouse, spouse’s gender, spouse’s employment or salary, children, child care arrangements, or dependents.
Inquiries as to a duration of stay on job or anticipated absences which are made to males and females alike.
All questions as to pregnancy, and medical history concerning pregnancy and related matters.

AVMA article: Motherhood and veterinary medicine: Tension between family, work responsibilities a continuing struggle

“Dr. Pritt noted [a] complaint expressed by female veterinarians is the feeling that they can’t take time off to raise their children and successfully re-enter the profession.
An article and survey produced in 2005 by the Harvard Business Review and the Center for Work-Life Policy lend credence to this belief. The survey revealed that, while 37 percent of highly qualified women “off-ramp” for some period of time, 93 percent want to return to work. Yet, only 74 percent succeed in rejoining the workforce, and only 40 percent return to full-time jobs.”

Motherhood in Veterinary Medicine
Discussion Panel this Thursday, April 27
Noon-1 in Wegner G50
“Join us this Thursday to discuss how pregnancy and parenthood affect the veterinary profession. Share your advice and personal experiences through an informal discussion panel.
Current Discussion Panel Participants:
Dr. Jennifer Ronngren, Alpine Animal Hospital
Charlie Powell, Senior Communications Manager WSU CVM
Bethany Colaprete, WSU CVM Counseling and Wellness Services
Soon, students will be interviewing for our first jobs as veterinarians and many of us aspire to be veterinary practice owners someday. Many of us have already started a family or plan to within the years after graduation. We would love to learn from those with experience how best to navigate the beginning of our careers keeping in mind the impact pregnancy and family have on practices, individuals and interviews. We would love to have clinicians, technicians, residents, recent graduates and managers join the discussion panel if you have the time! If you’d like to join the panel, please reply to this e-mail and I will add your name. Below are some questions posed to students in preparation for the discussion as well as resources on the subject:
Have you thought about how this will impact the way you interview? How do we negotiate and maintain a healthy work-life balance while fulfilling this hard-earned dream of practicing veterinary medicine? Can you recognize discrimination when it happens to you, and can you stop cultural gender stereotypes from driving professional decisions? Start thinking about it now, while we are surrounded by awesome role models, so that by the time you graduate, you are ready! “

NFDD Bootcamp

24 hours. That is all we get in a day, and in that time span we are expected to sleep, eat, take care of ourselves, lecture, mentor, grade, be a mother, be a father, be a friend, be a daughter, be a son, conduct our research, engage in meetings that roll over into your next meeting. The rest tend to pile on. 24 hours, that is all we get to succeed and with life in Academia, there can never be enough hours.


NCFDD offers a program that helps you, become a more successful faculty member. This program is designed to transform your personal and professional life. “It’s all about learning the secrets to increasing your research productivity, getting control of your time, and living a full and healthy life beyond your campus.” (NCFDD)


This program is for tenure-track and tenured faculty. Specifically, those “who are looking for the perfect combination of empirically-tested methods to improve research productivity through intense accountability, coaching, and peer support and to propel their work-life balance and personal growth to a whole new level.”(NCFDD). While this Faculty Success Program is a 12-week Bootcamp, the results have been positive for those who have participated at Washington State University.


“I found it really helpful in my academic productivity and for my psychological well-being…when you start off as a assistant professor on the tenure clock things can be overwhelming especially when you are juggling many different things, you can feel isolated. And even though there are things offered, sometimes it is nice to go to things outside the university to talk to other people who are having the same struggles, so I think I found it very helpful.” – Erin Thornton, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Washington State University…..CONTINUE READING.