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Poster Presentations

Dissemination of ADVANCE at WSU information and programming activities is an important part of ADVANCE work.  Annually ADVANCE at WSU participates in and contributes to the broader National Science Foundation community through the Joint Annual Meeting (JAM,) the ADVANCE-specific community through the ADVANCE PI Workshop, and other venues, local through international, as appropriate.  By showcasing ADVANCE at WSU work broadly we facilitate and participate in national and international conversation regarding emerging practices  or concerns for women faculty in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines; and we contribute to defining best-practices in the field.  Our engagement in a broad arena helps inform transformation efforts at WSU and at other institutions with related goals.

National Conference and Poster Presentations

National Conference and Poster Presentations

 2013     2012     2011     2010


External Faculty Mentoring: A Promising Program

Institutional Indicators for Women Faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Disciplines

Success Stories: Examining Work-Life Balance in STEM and Non-STEM Faculty

ADVANCE Implementation Mentors (AIM): A National Network of ADVANCE Program Coordinators/Directors

A Summary of STEM Faculty Reactions to the 2008-2013 Budget Cuts at Washington State University

Washington State University’s Senior Diversity Liaisons: Implementing Accountability and Inclusive Faculty Search Procedures

ADVANCE Departmental Liaisons: Building Faculty Buy-In

Creating Meaningful Partnerships for ADVANCEing Women of Color in Academia



How Perceptions of Faculty at WSU are Changing: Results from the 2012 All-Faculty Survey



The External Mentor Program: Enhancing Professional Development of STEM Women Faculty

Solving the Two Body Problem: An Evaluation of University Partner Accommodation Policies

Elder Care Impact at WSU

Whose Job is Harder? Assessments of Job Effort Requirements by Mothers, Fathers, and non-Parents in and outside of Academic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Disciplines

Washington State University’s ADVANCEing Institutional Transformation Workshop: Disseminating Research, Promoting Best Practices, and Fostering Collaborations



Faculty in STEM Departments: Creating a Culture to Foster Diversity


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