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Washington State University

2011 External Mentor Program Recipients

Abu-Lail- WyslouzilFaculty: Nehal Abu-Lail, School of Chemical Engineering and  Bioengineering
Mentor: Barbara Wyslouzil, Ohio State University
“It was beneficial to me to learn in general about all aspects of an academic career from one who made it all the way to the professorial rank in engineering.  Overall, I really think that women faculty here at WSU should take advantage of this grant. It was a great experience.”  – Dr. Abu-Lail

Clark-Gagliardi MentorFaculty: Aurora Clark, Department of Chemistry
Mentor: Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota
“This collaboration and the mentor grant have probably been the most useful to-date for letting me see an alternative way to build one’s career and establish one-self as a leader in a field.”  – Dr. Clark

linda chenFaculty: Linda (Xiaolin) Chen, School of Engineering and Computer Science
Mentor: Jiaping Yang, National University of Singapore (not pictured)

Rollins-Smith- CrespiFaculty: Erica Crespi, School of Biological Sciences
Mentor: Louise Rollins-Smith, Vanderbilt University
“Within just five months of my collaboration with [my external mentor], I have been able to jump start an entirely new research direction that I previously had hoped to pursue. In combination with some other findings I previously generated in my lab, I now have enough data to support a strong NSF grant proposal…”  – Dr. Crespi

Fournier-LoganFaculty: Lisa Fournier, Department of Psychology
Mentor: Gordon Logan, Vanderbilt University

Gartstein-BellFaculty: Maria Gartstein, Department of Psychology
Mentor: Martha Ann Bell, Virginia Tech

Haselbach-TimmermanFaculty: Liv Haselbach, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mentor: Briana Timmerman, University of South Carolina

Lau-van VoorhisFaculty: Audrey Lau, Department of Veterinary Microbiology and Pathology
Mentor: Wesley van Voorhis, University of Washington

“The exposure to other well established researchers at U. WA and the connection I’ve established with them now are the direct result of my collaboration with my mentor. My mentor was instrumental in introducing what my lab can contribute to these researchers, who did not know of my lab’s ability until now. These newly established collaborative efforts are promising for many years to come.” – Dr. Lau

bidisha mandalFaculty: Bidisha Mandal, School of Economic Sciences
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Powell, University of Illinois, Chicago (not pictured)

cailin orrFaculty: Cailin Orr, School of the Environment
Mentor: H. Maurice Valett, Flathead Lake Biological Station, University of Montana (not pictured)

marsha quinlanFaculty: Marsha Quinlan, Department of Anthropology
Mentor: Carole Browner,University of California, Los Angeles (not pictured)

Roje-DudarevaFaculty: Sanja Roje, Institute of Biological Chemistry
Mentor: Natalia Dudareva, Purdue University

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