External Mentor Program

The ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program is an initiative for enhancing awareness of and creating opportunities for women and historically underrepresented faculty in all disciplines. The aim of the program is to foster career development of participating faculty by supporting the development of mentoring relationships with off-campus academic leaders, with a special emphasis placed on mentorship that supports and/or communicates awareness of existing barriers. These mentors will provide training and guidance, facilitate collaborative research efforts, and provide examples of successful academic/discipline role models.

The External Mentor program- Pilot Extension provides further career-development support for eligible faculty who have previously successfully participated in the External Mentor program. The goal of the Pilot Extension is to provide External Mentor award recipients (in collaboration with their mentors) the support needed to carry out pilot investigations and obtain preliminary data for external funding applications. Only faculty with prior External Mentor funding are eligible to participate in the Pilot Extension Program. 

Questions and Proposal Submission:

Jennifer Thigpen, Ph.D.
ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program
ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building
Room 190F  P.O. Box 641061
Pullman, WA 9916401961

Sample Proposals:
Example 1 – Dr. Suzanne Appleyard

Example 2 – Dr. Laura Lavine

Dr. Suzanne Appleyard with external mentor, Dr. Martin Myers Jr.

Dr. Laura Lavine with external mentor, Dr. Carol Eunmi Lee

Past Recipients:

Applications received prior to October 13th, 2023, will be given priority. 


turkey bones

“The ADVANCE program allowed me to connect with an external mentor who guided me through key aspects of building and establishing my own stable isotope prep lab at WSU. On a more personal level, I also benefited greatly from my mentor’s advice on how to find a better balance between work and family.”

– Dr. Erin Thornton, Archaeology (pictured left)

This was the best program that I have participated in at WSU.  I have a hard time reaching out for help and encouragement and this pushed me in the right direction.

– Catherine Cooper, School of the Environment (pictured left)

“The ADVANCE program has been a tremendous help. I ended up launching a whole new line of research into plant domestication in collaboration with my external mentor, Toby Kiers, via the external
mentor program.”

– Stephanie Porter,  School of Biological Sciences

ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building, Room 190F  P.O. Box 641061 Pullman, WA 99164-1061

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