Values-based Leadership Training for Women in STEM

Do you want to be successful in higher education but feel that the system is not transparent or built for you? Join the Values-based Leadership Training for Women in STEM (VAuLTS)!

Women in STEM fields who aspire to be leaders and advance their careers face systemic barriers, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, implicit bias, and other real challenges. Women can be agents of change by bonding together in a community that supports efforts to address these challenges.      

Values-based Academic Leadership Training for Women in STEM (VAuLTS) is an online leadership training program that was designed to guide individual mid-career women in STEM . It will help you discover, define, develop, and refine your professional leadership philosophy. You will use these tools to advance your career, the careers of others, and for some of you, this will extend to formal leadership roles in higher education in your institutions, your professional societies, and other spheres in which you have influence. Thus, we intend to support you as a mid-career woman in STEM, ultimately developing a cadre of change agents who can contribute to institutional transformation, diminishing barriers for other women pursuing Higher Education (HE) careers in STEM disciplines. 

The VAuLTS leadership training program is a career development opportunity resulting from a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Partnership grant (#1936019), a funding mechanism to support and promote gender equity in STEM. Five universities and eight community colleges in the Northwest US joined in partnership to address gender equity for women in STEM as they progress in their careers, strategizing how to create systemic change toward this goal. 

Program Goals

  1. Enhance career advancement of individual mid-career women faculty in STEM across diverse institutions of higher education.
  2. Support policy and practice transformation for promotion, advancement, and leadership of mid-career women faculty in STEM.

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