Travel Assistance Award Program

The ADVANCE at WSU Travel Assistance Award program is an initiative designed to support conference travel for eligible faculty. Specifically, this program supports travel for the dependents of faculty. The aim of the program is to recognize faculty impactful in their field and to promote scholarship and career development by providing a travel grant to support attendance at national conferences or international scientific meetings to present significant/novel findings. The ADVANCE at WSU Travel Assistance Award Program provides funding for proposals that involve invited and/or accepted presentations at national and international conferences offering unique scholarship, career, and/or leadership advancement opportunities for eligible WSU faculty.

All WSU women faculty members are eligible, with priority given to women from STEM departments and/or academic units wherein women faculty are otherwise under-represented. Additionally, all faculty members from historically underrepresented groups—  regardless of gender identity—are eligible. ADVANCE at WSU relies upon the NSF definition of underrepresented groups.  

Questions and Proposal Submission:

Jennifer Thigpen, Ph.D.
ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program
ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building
Room 190F  P.O. Box 641061
Pullman, WA 99164-1061

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. 

Click the link below to access an opinion article from Rebecca Calisi and a Working Group of Mothers in Science

How to Tackle the Childcare-Conference Conundrum 

ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building, Room 190F  P.O. Box 641061 Pullman, WA 99164-1061

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