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Transitions Program

Although a university may have excellent leave policies, certain situations may require different solutions or supplemental support. The Transitions Program for tenure-track and tenured women and under-represented minority faculty provides exactly this type of additional support.

Short-term assistance is available through the Transitions Program for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and under-represented minority faculty from all departments, regardless of gender who are in the midst of major life transitions, such as:

  • short term assistance with personal medical needs
  • short term assistance with family illness
  • and other situations

Support may be offered for up to two semesters for the faculty member while moving through such a transition. Examples of support that the program provides include providing funds for a Research Assistant to assist with managing lab work; a Teaching Assistant to assist with teaching…

The Transitions Program complements tenure-clock extension. Please see the Faculty Policies and Procedure handbook for WSU policies and programs that assist with work-life balance, including leave policies, eldercare, and childcare. Further information about childcare and eldercare options are discussed at the WSU Work/Life website. Department Chairs and faculty in ADVANCE at WSU target STEM departments are encouraged to apply for transitional support grants if they are experiencing a transition.

It is strongly recommended that applicants seek a contribution from their department and/or college and that it be reflected in the proposal.  If applicants are unable to get a contribution from their chair and/or dean, please include the reasons why a contribution is not available in the proposal.

Click HERE for a full description of the program and guidelines

Questions and Proposal Submission:

Masha Gartstein, Ph.D.
ADVANCE at WSU External Mentor Program
ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building
Room 190F  P.O. Box 644820
Pullman, WA 99164

Transitions Program and Guidelines/RFP

transitions_cover_thumbnailTransitions Program Brochure

Cheryl Schultz _transitions

“I requested this funding at a time when I was in great need of support. I had a small infant who was not sleeping at night, a class to teach, and a new very large grant which began in March 2011.  I was not able to sustain all of these activities and do them well. The Advance Transitions grant program provided me with funding to buy out the remainder of the course I was teaching, from Spring break until the end of the term.  This relief in my job responsibilities offered me the breathing space to get the grant off the ground. As a result, the grant is now thriving and has proven to be very productive to date. My ability to focus on the grant at a critical time for the research, was substantially enhanced by the Transitions Grant.”

– Dr. Cheryl Schultz, Biological Sciences

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