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The office of ADVANCE at WSU coordinates programs and activities; organizes, monitors, and assesses institutional progress; oversees the faculty-friendly policy review and proposal processes; and disseminates results and best practices to the broader academic community. The office operates under direction of the Steering Committee and is located in Lighty Building, Room 190F.


Masha Gartstein


Gartstein_3423web Director, ADVANCE at WSU
Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Masha Gartstein, Director of ADVANCE at WSU, oversees all of the ADVANCE at WSU activities, coordinating events and trainings, as well as programs (i.e., the External Mentor, Transitions, and Leadership opportunities). She initiatives and facilitates multiple infrastructure meetings. Masha meets monthly with the Departmental Liaisons, and every semester with the ADVANCE at WSU Steering Committee. She provides oversight for program development and faculty friendly initiatives, and informs academic units regarding ADVANCE at WSU activities. Dr. Gartstein’s primary focus is to further institutional transformation efforts begun under the NSF ADVANCE grant.

Office Staff

Carley LeMonds


ADVANCE at WSU Fiscal Coordinator

Carley LeMonds assists with financial matters related to ADVANCE at WSU programs.

Student Staff

Davi Kallman

ADVANCE at WSU Assistant

Mrs. Kallman, is a PhD Candidate in the Murrow College of Communication. She assists with web development, event coordination, and program development.




Christie Miksys

ADVANCE at WSU Graduate Assistant

Christie is a graduate student in the Sociology Department. She is the newly appointed ADVANCE at WSU Graduate Assistant and assists with web development, event coordination, and program development.

ADVANCE at WSU Lighty Building, Room 190F  P.O. Box 641061 Pullman, WA 99164-1061

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