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ADVANCE at WSU Grant Initiatives

The goals of ADVANCE at WSU are to: (1) increase representation of women and historically underrepresented faculty at WSU by providing institutional support through programs, policies, procedures and climate change, targeting critical points in the academic pipeline (e.g., recruitment, pre-tenure, and post-tenure advancement) and leadership; (2) develop and disseminate innovative strategies that can be applied in similar institutions – research-intensive, rural, land grant universities, and other academic settings; and (3) put in place an infrastructure that gives these efforts highest institutional support and visibility and allows for transformation to continue. 

To support these goals we have developed 3 major initiatives:

1) Work/Life Support Initiative

  • Transitions program provides assistance during work/life transition periods to ease stressors and to support faculty in maintaining the excellence of their work.
  • Travel Assistance Program: The ADVANCE at WSU Travel Assistance Award Program is an initiative designed to support conference travel for women and historically underrepresented faculty in any discipline at WSU.

2) Leadership Training Initiative

  • External Mentor program provides career-development opportunities for faculty of all ranks to work with a noted expert in their discipline in a manner that would help address barriers to the involvement of women and historically underrepresented faculty in any discipline.
    • External Mentor program- Pilot Extension provides additional career-development opportunities for faculty previously supported by an External Mentor award. The goal of the Pilot Extension is to provide External Mentor award recipients (in collaboration with their mentors) the support needed to carry out pilot investigations and obtain preliminary data required for external funding applications. Only faculty with prior External Mentor funding are eligible to participate in the Pilot Extension Program
  • Leadership Training program provides funds for proposals that have identified suitable leadership programs, training, or other opportunities expected to advance the faculty member in their leadership aspirations. This support is available to tenure-track and tenured women and historically underrepresented faculty in all disciplines.

3) Institutionalizing Transformation Initiative

  • ADVANCE at WSU centralizes programs and activities; organizes, monitors, and assesses institutional progress; oversees the faculty-friendly policy review and proposal process; and disseminates results and best practices to the broader academic community.
  • The ADVANCE at WSU program periodically funds small grants to conduct social science projects aimed at generating publishable research on factors affecting the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines.

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