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Washington State University

2nd ADVANCEingIT Workshop

October 16, 2012

Workshop themes are best practices in:

  • Climate Evaluation and Transformation
  • Attracting and Recruiting an Excellent, Diverse Faculty
  • Retaining and Advancing a Diverse Professoriate

Keynote Speaker

Brian Nosek – Mindbugs: The Ordinary Origins of Bias
To learn more about implicit bias research, click here.

Other Presenters

Amy Wharton – WSU Chairs Talk Back: Perspectives on Their Roles, Their Departments, and What They Need to be Successful

Rebecca Craft (presented by Fran McSweeney) – Faculty Mentoring: Perceptions, Practices, Barriers and Benefits

Nancy Magnuson – Impact of ADVANCE at WSU: Results of All Faculty Survey

Brian Nosek discusses implicit bias
Dr. Brian Nosek received his
Ph.D. from Yale University in
2002. He investigates the gap
between values and practices
– such as when behavior is
influenced by factors other than
one’s intentions and goals.


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