Institutional Transformation Initiative

Began under the NSF Institutional Transformation award, this initiative is aimed at organizing, monitoring, and assessing institutional progress and disseminating best practices to the broader academic community. ADVANCE at WSU continues to oversee the faculty-friendly policy review and disseminates results and best practices to the broader academic community. We regularly offer programs to address climate and inclusiveness, along with other issues impacting the WSU community at large, aimed at continuing Institutional Transformation efforts.

ADVANCE at WSU actively supports research efforts aimed at institutional transformation. Along with internal program evaluation research, ADVANCE at WSU supports Social Science Research Grants, including their evaluation and dissemination – new solicitation is up on our website.

Social Science Research Grants: The ADVANCE at WSU program periodically funds small grants to conduct social science projects aimed at generating publishable research on factors affecting the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women and historically underrepresented faculty in all disciplines. The overarching vision of ADVANCE at WSU is to develop an inclusive research institution whose faculty are supported by a system that promotes career-long excellence for all faculty. We recognize that to achieve this vision, we must address issues associated with things like career pipeline “leaks” (i.e., places where women and historically underrepresented faculty are lost from the institution), unsupportive climates, and implicit gender bias. Career transitions and points in the career pipeline where we face obstacles to recruiting, hiring, retaining, and advancing a diverse faculty represent priority areas.

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